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Just an Old Jarhead ranting about his lawn.

Make sure to wrap those presents up

Good one

It won’t be long til nobody can believe anything

Independant works are making hollywood look like a johny come lately

Best story time channel ever

This youtube channel is the bomb for listening too when you want to slumberand drift off and have a lucid dream.

Enjoy ~E

Happy birthday Jarheads

Make some noise boys

Made some changes

Hipsters will never know what real cool is…

January’s first snow

E vil Larry shared an Instagram video with you


E vil Larry just shared an Instagram video with you:

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“Getting the coals ready for the kids bonfire tonight”

The Instagram Team

Seems a lot of these hacks are for the 4s and up. My 4 is just fine

Latest iOS 7 bug lets you place calls from a locked iPhone

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