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Why I dislike Walmart

Enabling people to be lazy is just wrong.



Jersey Shore

World of Stupid on DVD.

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Ok watched it (The Jersey Shore) for the first time. One: they are stupid. Two:Pigs. Three:did I mention they are stupid. I will never get back this 12 min 33 seconds I just wasted on this crap.

Updates on FaceBook

I plan on doing more work on larryldmason.wordpress.com and maddmonk.com so the updates will be on my wall more than “what’s on my mind” on facebook. That way if FB takes a dump you can still get your dose of “evil”. Bookmark my links. I will post pictures and video on all sites. Facebook is fun, but since the dump it has been very difficult to add folks, send emails, or even view others wall without doing the capcha bullshit. Anyway hope you understand I’m not leaving just putting more focus on getting my brand out to a greater sphere than facebook is currently allowing me. LM

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