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Make sure to wrap those presents up

Jersey Shore

World of Stupid on DVD.

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Ok watched it (The Jersey Shore) for the first time. One: they are stupid. Two:Pigs. Three:did I mention they are stupid. I will never get back this 12 min 33 seconds I just wasted on this crap.

Fun times


This weekend was full of funtimes.  But everything I do is fun. Even work. I guess I could bitch n moan about how the house isn’t big enough or the car isn’t fancy enough or the bank account wont buy a g6. But I’m not going to. I’m blessed and all I had to do was look around at what I do have. It was more than I had yesterday. It was another day spent with family and friends. Now that’s wealth. Good night.


Date nights

This should be done 3x a month guys. Don’t complain. Don’t moan. Just do it. Oh we all know why its not 4x a month. Mans got to rest. Right guys. Right. Now what should you do on that odd day out. Cook a nice meal. Clean the house. Buy chocolates. Rent a chick flick. Then leave. Cause your not getting any.


What is your Path?

Cassandra Sproch, was labeled a bad teacher…….

Two adolescent couples at the 2009 Western Ida...

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Cassandra Sproch, dance teacher, fired from Propel Charter School in Homestead, Pittsburgh

Cassandra Sproch, arrested in December 2009, was charged with providing alcohol to minors, corruption and endangerment of minors, and indecent assault.  She allegedly threw a party at her home for four teenagers, including her 14-year-old son, where she pressured her guests to drink wine and sexually propositioned the two boys she had invited.  She took one of the guests, a 16-year-old boy, into her bedroom. The other boys present interrupted them when Sproch had the boy pressed up against the wall and was kissing him.  He later claimed that he refused her offers of sex.  Sproch had previously been in trouble for making sexual advances to a teenage boy she invited to dinner, after which her teaching career was terminated.  She also pled guilty to identity theft in 2008.


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